The Shooting Stars Tri-Club is born

Wesley's Story

Wesley is a 7-year-old boy who wants to share his love of triathlons with other kids with disabilities.

Wesley fell in love with triathlons while watching his cousins participate. He already LOVED swimming, biking and going fast in his walker, and he wanted to join in.

The next year, at the age of 5, he did just that. Wesley completed his first triathlon! Working closely with the race organizers, we figured out a way that Wesley could participate, just like all the other athletes. The experience was incredible for everyone involved, but the best part was seeing the look of pride on his face, as he crossed the finish line and became a TRIATHLETE.

All along the race course friends, family and even strangers cheered him on. Many people wanted to meet him or give him a congratulatory high-five. Others stopped us to let us know how inspiring it was to watch Wesley working so hard and having such fun.

Since then, Wesley has collected more medals and has even more stories to share as he continues to do triathlons. This year, by forming the Shooting Stars Tri-Club, we’d like to help introduce more budding triathletes to this amazing sport.